Counselling Training

Volunteer Counsellor Training

NEXT TRAINING:  November 2018

Cowichan Family Life provides an in-house counselling training program for individuals interested in providing peer counselling to adults seeking emotional support, psycho-educational information, and counselling support for current issues. The training provides various counselling skills and techniques needed to gain insight of clients’ needs and help them make changes in their lives where it matters to them.

Cowichan Family Life adheres to a strength-based, solution focused, brief therapy model.  Counsellors receive counselling training as well as continued personal and professional development in exchange for volunteer counselling hours.

Are you a potential CFLA peer Counsellor?

Do you possess those admirable qualities that may be cultivated into solid counselling skills?  Reflective listening and empathy? A willingness to stretch and grow and shift your beliefs? To have unconditional positive regard for others and yourself? View the world from a strength-based perspective? And learn concrete counselling skills?

All trainees are required to:

– Provide a criminal record check
– Agree to strict confidentiality and ethical guidelines
– and, Enter into a one-year, 100 volunteer hours commitment

Volunteer Peer Counselling Training offers

– Introduction to Counselling training
– Peer Counselling Training
– Ongoing learning opportunities
– Regular clinical supervision by a Registered Clinical Counsellor
– A supportive community of peer and professional counsellors
– Certificate of Completion of Peer Counselling Training

Information Meeting held prior to training
To see this year’s schedule:  click here   *See attached information in a separate file.